NEMETS launches a webinar series dedicated to the problem of INTERPOL abuse and defending the rights of individuals on the international wanted list

NEMETS hosts the first of the webinar series founded by the firm. Our goal is to raise awareness of INTERPOL abuse, talk about the problems that legal professionals and their clients face and, hopefully, find and suggest solutions to these problems.

NEMETS has launched a webinar series dedicated to the problem of Red Notice abuse and other abuse of INTERPOL's channels. In this regard, Yuriy Nemets, the firm's managing member, said: "INTERPOL defense is a fairly young area of law. Due to its relatively young age, there are very few sources from which individuals who become targets of Red Notices and other government requests disseminated via INTERPOL's channels can gather information about their rights. It is also a very complex area of legal practice.  Over the years, many of INTERPOL’s initiatives expanding its role as the most effective hub for international police cooperation have created new dangers for the victims of abuse, while INTERPOL’s lawmaking has largely failed to keep up and ensure that this expanding role is in compliance with the organization’s human rights obligations.  At the same time, INTERPOL’s application of its rules in cases of abuse has formed a substantial body of 'case law' that has provided a valuable insight for legal professionals while leaving many important questions unanswered.  It is because of its depth and intricacies that we are launching this series. Our goal is to raise awareness, talk about the problems that the victims of Red Notice and other INTERPOL abuse face and, hopefully, find and suggest solutions to these problems."

You can watch the first of the webinar series here:

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