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INTERPOL and International Extradition

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NEMETS advises and represents individuals challenging INTERPOL Red Notices, diffusions and other government requests disseminated via INTERPOL's channels. Although INTERPOL, the world's largest international police organization with 196 member countries, plays an important role in fighting crime, its resources are often abused by governments that use the Organization to persecute political opponents or entrepreneurs-victims of illegal takeovers of their businesses. INTERPOL's constitution requires that the Organization act in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and strictly forbids it from undertaking any intervention or activities of a political, military, religious or racial character. Individuals have the right to challenge abusive Red Notices, diffusions and other non-compliant government requests before the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL's Files (CCF), an independent body established to ensure that the information disseminated via INTERPOL's channels is processed in accordance with the Organization's constitution and regulations. If a Red Notice, diffusion or other government request is based on a politically motivated or otherwise corrupt prosecution, INTERPOL must refuse to cooperate with the government and delete its request from the Organization's databases.

Yuriy Nemets, the law firm's managing member, has successfully advised and represented individuals on the INTERPOL wanted list. Additionally, he has testified as an expert witness on the subject of INTERPOL abuse and the rights of individuals on the international wanted list in courts. His articles on the topic are published in authoritative law reviews and journals. He is the founder of the Red Notice Abuse Report, a popular and widely cited blog dedicated to the problems of INTERPOL abuse and defending the rights of victims of such abuse. At the request of the United States Helsinki Commission, Yuriy has drafted amendments to INTERPOL's rules necessary to protect the rights of individuals on the international wanted list and amendments to the United States legislation to stop the practice of using INTERPOL Red Notices and diffusions as evidence against individuals in bond, asylum and extradition hearings. Yuriy is a member of a working group on reforming INTERPOL. He has spoken on the topic at events organized by the American Bar Association and Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists and as a guest lecturer at Texas A&M School of Law. He has given multiple interviews and has been quoted in television, print and online media. He regularly advises reporters and scholars covering INTERPOL abuse.

Defamation, Know Your Customer Laws, Banking

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The Internet has made the protection of individual and corporate reputations more topical and complicated than ever. In order to comply with banking, anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) laws, financial institutions look ever more closely into their current and prospective clients' backgrounds. A false statement published in a reputable media source or on an obscure website, which directly or indirectly accuses an individual or a corporation of money laundering, fraud, corruption, organized crime, terrorism financing or other criminal activity, may drive away business partners and make a financial institution turn down a prospective client or terminate an otherwise successful relationship with its long-time customer. NEMETS has advised and successfully represented clients in defamation matters and helped them recover their reputations and remedy the negative repercussions of false and defamatory publications.

Transportation and Maritime

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NEMETS has significant experience handling various transportation matters, including numerous cases against motor, rail, river and sea carriers. The firm has established professional relationships with transportation and insurance experts in different parts of the world, including Eastern and Western Europe and the Mediterranean. NEMETS represents insurers and cargo-owners in disputes with river, sea and ocean carriers. Additionally, the firm advises and represents freight-forwarders and shipowners in cargo damage and loss and in vessel collision matters.

International Trade and Investments

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NEMETS has significant experience drafting and negotiating international sales contracts. The firm has represented clients in international trade disputes. It has advised and represented sellers and buyers in various situations that can occur in virtually any cross-border transaction, including breach of contract, force majeure and mitigation of damages. NEMETS advises clients on export-import regulations, International Commercial Terms (Incoterms), international trade agreements under the Word Trade Organization (WTO), the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and other multilateral and bilateral trade treaties. The firm is prepared to represent its clients before permanent and ad hoc arbitration panels, the WTO Dispute Settlement Body, the Permanent Court of Arbitration and before arbitration panels convened under the rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).

NEMETS has experience advising and representing international investors in cross-border transactions and disputes. Whether you are in negotiations with a private party or a foreign government or are in the process of defending your rights against a breach of contract or expropriation of your investment by the host-state, the firm is well prepared to use all the mechanisms that international law provides to uphold your rights. NEMETS will make sure your rights are duly fixed in a contract between you and your foreign partner, advise you on every state of the transaction and represent your interests if a dispute arises. The law firm is prepared to represent its clients before the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Dispute (ICSID), the Permanent Court of Arbitration and arbitration panels convened under the rules of the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL). Additionally, the firm advises clients on the application of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) in cross-border investment settings.

Commercial and Corporate Litigation

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NEMETS has significant experience in litigating contract, property, corporate disputes and business torts matters. The firm's commercial and corporate litigation practice includes disputes over breach of contract, breach of warranty, fraud and misrepresentation. NEMETS represents clients in various corporate matters, including the issues of corporate control, shareholders' rights, and the liability of corporate directors and officers.

Intellectual Property

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The firm’s intellectual property practice extends to copyright, trademarks and Internet domain names. NEMETS helps its clients secure their copyright and represents them at all stages of the trademark registration process (trademark prosecution).  The firm represents its clients in trademark and Internet domain name disputes.  The firm has experience drafting and negotiating licensing agreements and website development contracts. NEMETS advises clients in international intellectual property transactions.

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