Red Notice Abuse Report: the Limited Role of Preemptive Requests

INTERPOL Confirms the Limited Role of Preemptive Requests by Which Individuals Warn the Organization of Impending Government Abuse of its Resources

According to INTERPOL, there are four types of requests that it receives from individuals: requests for access to the information in the Organization’s files, requests to correct or delete information (complaints), applications for the revision of decisions rendered by the Commission for the Control of INTERPOL’s Files (CCF), and preemptive (preventive) requests warning INTERPOL of potentially incoming abusive Red Notices, diffusions or other government requests.  Of those four, preemptive is the only type of individual request that is nowhere mentioned in INTERPOL’s rules.  It should not come as a surprise then that, unlike other individual requests, preemptive requests are not subject to any formal procedure for their consideration. . . .

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